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Dr. Parwaizur Rahman (PhD Computer Science)

Managing Director

About Management

Benevolent Global Public School is managed and run by Sheikh Mohammad Azizullah Memorial Trust. School is affiliated with Dept. of Education Govt. of Bihar Praswikriti No: SAH PRIVATE SCHOOL / BGPS / 0044 / 2014.
Managing Director of the school Dr. Parwaizur Rahman Ph.D (Computer Science) has rich experience in the field of Computing and Education and has worked with top multinational companies of the world including overseas experience in countries like USA, UK, Japan.

Dr. Rahman has written plenty of softwares and Android Apps in the field of education, online examination, RFID attendance, Face recognition systems, retail business solutions, Mid day meal cash book generation system, Android Apps for the many schools. Today many CBSE schools are completely powered by the flagship product Edumitra ERP.

Dr. Rahman is life member of senate of Maulana Mazharul Haque University, Patna and also a member of Finance Committee of the same university.

Director's Message

Complete Control by Software

Benevolent Global Public School is managed by Edumitra (a software solution for complete school management)
What we Control (हम लोग क्या कन्ट्रोल करते हैं) ?

1. Home Work and Class Work is made available in App on daily basis (होम वर्क व क्लास वर्क प्रत्येक दिन एप्प में उपलब्ध कराया जाता है)
2. Student's attendance is taken through RFId attendance system and is made available through App (विद्यार्थी की उपस्थिति को RFId अटेंडेंस सिस्टम से लिया जाता है और उसे एप्प में उपलब्ध कराया जाता है)
3. Student's performance data and overall activity record is tracked and made visible to parents. (विद्यार्थी का परफॉरमेंस डाटा व एक्टिविटी रिकॉर्ड को ट्रैक किया जाता है और पेरेंट्स उसे देख सकते हैं)
4. All communication at School / Class / Individual level is tracked and made available to Parents. (विद्यालय / क्लास / व्यक्तिगत स्तर पर कोई भी सूचना पेरेंट्स को ट्रैक किया जाता है और पेरेंट्स को उपलब्ध कराया जाता है)
5. Schedule of examination and results are tracked and made available to parents. (परीक्षा की सूची व रिजल्ट को ट्रैक किया जाता है और पेरेंट्स के लिए उपलब्ध कराया जाता है)
6. All fee information is made available to parents with complete transparency. (फीस सम्बंधित सारी सूचना पूर्ण पारदर्शिता का साथ पेरेंट्स को उपलब्ध कराया जाता है)
7. Parents can raise complains through Edumitra App and it is tracked till final resolution. (पेरेंट्स के द्वारा किये जाने वाले शिकायतों को उनके निष्पादन तक ट्रैक किया जाता है)

Note: Parents can download our App from Google Playstore (अभिभावक गूगल प्ले स्टोर से हमारा एप्प डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं)

Monitoring System

BGPS monitoring system is comprised of
1. Monitoring of Classes and Campus by CCTV by 56 cameras
2. Realtime comprehensive data capture of all the events and activities of the school.
3. Quality Control Process and Team for quality inspection.
4. Quality Assurance Process and Team to ensure quality.
5. Delinquency Management System