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About Faculty

Benevolent Global Public School has a strong team of teaching and support staff. All the teaching staff is trained (B.Ed or D.El.Ed). We train our teaching staff to use our software systems and teaching methodology. By 02:00 PM all class work and home work is uploaded to the Edumitra by the respective teaching staff.

Teaching Method

Benevolent Global Public School mandates the faculty to teach Line by Line
All the teaching staff is either B.Ed or D.El.Ed. besides that they undergo mandatory training to use our systems.
Teachers are given academic plan and split of the syllabus. They teach line by line asking students to underline each and every difficult word by pencil followd by writing the meaning.
Our Faculty has been trained to use specific examples, audio visual aid mixed with the project work and models to make the subject matter coherent and make it deep rooted in the mind of the students.
Students do not require extra tuition if they follow the guideline given by our faculty.

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