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Dr. Parwaizur Rahman is the director of BGPS

Director's Message

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Dr. P. Rahman, Director

Many People would tell me that your talk does not make sense to us because it is too technical. I am a tech savvy therefore, it is like that but, there is nothing wrong in it. People and pupil interacting with me have become more knowledgeable in due course of time.
I have come across the people and teachers who fail to embrace technology. They have built-in apprehensions. As a matter of fact majority of us are dogmatic for every thing and not ready for a change. Most people live with preconceived notions and show reluctance to change. This goes against my approach to look at the things.
I believe in change and ready for even a paradigm shift.
I believe in the innovation that exists in each individual and that can be manifested through the right guidance on the part of the institution. Had there been no innovation and discoveries we would have been living in caves gathering foods for survival.
There is a spark of genius in every learner which needs a mentor to kindle it. We as facilitators, try to imbibe in our child the value of inquisitiveness, courage, honesty, integrity along with a spirit to work hard and be an achiever which will help them make the world deem even better place to live in and the life hereafter.
I perceive that there is supreme power or almighty god governing and regulating this world. We have to return to him when we die. Our good deeds in this world will go with us after this life therefore, we must not forget to be god fearing irrespective of our religion. That's why we emphasize more on moral education and our popular slogan is "Education for both the Worlds".

Exploration is the inherited behaviour of mankind right from making fire from the stone and Your quest for exploring and knowing more should never end. As a director of the Benevolent Group, I strive to keep alive the spirit of pursuit as obsession whether it is teacher or student. We vow to learn at least one new thing everyday.

Benevolent Global Public School aims at carving your personality, mastery in communication skills, independence in thoughts, speaking your heart out, an appreciation of scientific, economic and political ideas, physical and mental health and hygiene with ethical and cultural values.

The school achieves its mission when each and every child succeeds. Thus, Benevolent Global Public School is totally committed to modernizing education and unlocking the potential of budding talents coming from all walks of life. BGPS sensitizes as to how out of box thinking help solve the problem. We have setup a modern Computer Programming Lab (Coding Lab) to teach problem solving skill. It is my prediction that Artificial Intelligence will play a significant role in the time to come. Our students must be exposed to the right technologies from early life to become highly successful. I with my team specially seek co-operation of community and parents in this endeavour and thanks for having trust on my leadership.

I express my sincere gratitude to the parents and guardians for choosing Benevolent Global Public School as a learning platform for their children’s future and hope that they will spend quality time with their children and understand the school’s policies. Constructive suggestions from our respected parents and well-wishers will take us higher on the ladder of success. Let us work together to make this venture a premium educational institution.

Warm Regards
Dr. Parwaizur Rahman
Ph.D. Computer Science

Dr. Rahman is also

Director of Benevolent Software Technologies Private Limited
Life member of Senate of Maulana Mazharul Haque University, Patna
Member of Finance Committee of Maulana Mazharul Haque University, Patna
Chairman of Sheikh Mohammad Azizullah Memorial Trust (Regd)