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We start teaching Problem Solving

Coding Classes

  • Coding Classes
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Php
  • Javascript
  • Android Development

Computing Fundamentals

As you can understand that India need skilled manpower in coming time. New Education Policy strongly focuses on Skill Development. Our aim is to make students acquainted with Emplyment and Employability as some of them may emerge as Enterprenur and some can be great asset for an enterprise.
Some students may have great startup ideas.
Our coding classes are based on foundations of computing as to how Computer Works?, how network works?, how apps are created?, what is server?, what is client?, what are protocols and many more concepts.
We teach them approach as to how they have to look at the real world systems and processes from information technology perspective. They learn to dissect the business processes and simplify it for making it IT enabled.
Our Coding Lab is equipped with state of art hardware and Softwares that help simulate servers and provides App development environment.
This makes BGPS top school of Saharsa, Bihar.

Logic Building

Stdudents are exposed to various real life problems and how to solve it by computer by doing dry run on paper and putting the same thing in the code to test it.

Development Life Cycle

Stdudents are exposed to software development life cycle. They understand the term like System Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, Bug / Defect Fixing, Software Releases etc. They are given exposure of Client Side and Server Side Coding. They start understanding of synchronous and asynchronous programming.
Students are assigned project in a group. They learn to work in team and produce the real life deployable code. This experience helps them target hiigher when then go for higher studies.