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Benevolent Global Public School (BGPS) is managed by Sheikh Mohammad Azizullah Memorial Trust (Regd). The school was founded by Mr. Parwaizur Rahman who by profession is a Software Engineer and has extensive Work Experience in the field of Software Development and Education. BGPS is an English Medium School and is considered to be Best School in Saharsa, Bihar.
Benevolent Global Public School believes in doing things differently. Since its opening this school has established many innovative approach of School Management. BGPS is a trend setter others follow. Our delinquency management system is unique of its kind.
We are the only school in Saharsa having true Wi-Fi Campus. Our every function is Computerized including Fee Management, Enquiry Management, SMS Management, Question Composition to Question Printing, Call Tracking, Gate Pass, Leave Management, PTM Management, Progress Report Generation. We believe in the team work. Our Teaching Staff and Non Teaching staff make every effort to make this school a unique one in terms of Student and Parent satisfaction.
We believe in enhanced communication with Parents by means of SMS, Telecommunication, PTM and our latest initiative EIDO. EIDO project enables us to have to the point communication with the Parents and Students.  Why Choose Us?

Our Salient Features:-
Large Spacious CampusSeparate Classes For Boys and GirlsEnglish EnvironmentSkilled Teachers
Wi-Fi CampusComputer LabOnline AssignmentsExtra Curricular Activities
CCTV-SurveillanceRF-Id AttendanceQuestions made by OfficesQuestions in 5 Series
Extensive Monthly TestTest / Exam Copies Given to StudentsTransport (Buses) in All RoutesHostel Facility
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