Benevolent Global Public School  -  Affiliated with Dept of Education Govt of Bihar
Education for Both the Worlds
BGPS has unique system of tracking student's activities on daily basis. SMS alerts sent to parents on daily basis.     Contact No: 8102937810, 9162660786
Transport Incharge's Contact No: 9534749518
BGPS is driven by 3 Core Values - We have a committed work force
Our Salient Features
- Excellent Environment
- 18:1 Student Teacher Ratio
- Interactive Smart Class
- Computer Classes
- Urdu Classes
- Personality Development Classes
- Weekly Test
- Test Result by SMS
- Computerized Transcripts
- Computerized Billing
- Trained & Qualified Staff
- Special Class "Impetus"
- Safety & Security
- Daily Tracking
- Faster Communication By SMS
- Generator Facility
- Big Campus
- Transport Facility
- Canteen
- Hostel Facility
- Wi-Fi Campus
- 24x7 CCTV Surveillance
- Frequent PTM
Benevolent Global Public School  -  Affiliated with Dept of Education Govt of Bihar  

Frequently asked Questions about Benevolent Global Public School

क्या यह विद्यालय मान्यता प्राप्त है ?

  हाँ स्कूल बिहार सरकार के शिक्षा विभाग से संबद्ध है

क्या छुट्टियों के असाइनमेंट इस स्कूल में दिया जाता है ?

  हाँ छुट्टी के असाइनमेंट दिया जाता है  छुट्टी असाइनमेंट हमारी वेबसाइट पर लोड किया जाता है

क्या स्कूल में होस्टल है ?

  हाँ स्कूल में एक छात्रावास है जिसका नाम Forte-Zone छात्रावास है

What are the facilities available at the BGPS?

BGPS has the following facilities:

- Secured Area (high boundary) of the school premise
- Interactive Smart Class
- Advanced Computer Lab
- Library having huge collection of books
- Qualified teachers and support staff
- Filtered water for the students
- Playground for the students
- LeCafe canteen for the students
- Adequate numbers of clean washrooms for the students

What is the medium of instruction in BGPS?

The medium of instruction is English. Students are not allowed to converse in hindi and regional languages in the school premises. We don't want to make tall claims but we constantly endeavour that every child should be able to converse in English by the time he/she passes 5th standard.

Is there hostel available in BGPS?

Yes; there is a hostel called "FORTE-ZONE", available in the school premises. The hostel is supervised by wardens 24 x 7. Currently hostel is available for boys only.

Is there school transport available?

Yes; there are a number of cabs operating in city. Kindly contact transport coordinator for transport arrangement for your ward.

What is the timing of the school?

The school timings are as following:
   Monday to Thursday 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM
   Friday 08:00 AM to 11:00 AM
   Saturday 08:00 AM to 12:30 PM
   During summers school will operate from 07:30 AM to 12:00 PM

What is the course curriculum of the school?

The school follows CBSE course curriculum.

Is there any dress code of the  school?

Yes; There is a dress code for the children as here under.

Students must wear prescribed uniform on all days otherwise, they may be sent back home

Contact BGPS for details of Uniform

Is there any penalty or fine imposed on not wearing dress?

Yes; Parent should ensure that children must wear prescribed dress, otherwise there will be a symbolic fine of Rs 10 per day. We don't believe in charging fines. The discipline is very important aspect in rearing up of the children. 

Is there any identity card for the student?

Yes; every student is required to wear and display his/her identity card, all the time during the school hours. At the time of admission, deo volente an identity card will be issued to each student.

What is the fee structure?

Refer to Admission Criteria & Fee Structure for the details on our website

When do I pay the school fee?

Parents shall pay the school fee in the first week of the month.
** Note: There will a late fee of Rs 50/- for day scholars and a late fee of Rs 100/- for hostel students  after the due date.

When does the exam happen? Is there exam fee?

There are 3 Terminal examinations in the month of July, November and March. Exam fee will be charged extra for each exam.

If I have a complain then whom can I contact?

If you have complaint then you can contact front office of school and give your complain in writing.

My child wants to remain absent for few days?

If your child will remain absent then you have to give an application through class teacher. If child is required to go on vacation without informing school then, after returning back to school he/she has to give an application.
If your child is continuously absent for 3 days then you will receive  an alert on mobile.

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